From farm to table

It is always better when it is natural.

From Farm To Table

Since 2009 we’ve been working in the food and beverage industry in Antiparos, always trying to collaborate with local and Cycladic small producers. Zero Waste is our main goal.

Our cuisine is based on the Mediterranean Diet, with a twist since we are sharing our culinary experiences gained through years of travelling around the world. Food and drinks are our passion, we hope to give you a unique experience in our beloved islands Paros and Antiparos.

Our philosophy

Sourcing our ingredients from local farms in Antiparos and Paros, the food is picked at peak freshness and is bursting with flavors and vitamins. Because the produce is very flavorful, we don’t dress their food up with complex sauces and overpowering flavors, instead we prefer to let the freshness and flavor of the food speak for itself.

The boat experience

Upgrade your summer with a unique culinary journey on our traditional Kaiki Boat.